I got my blog in English!

Written by Julen Madariaga on October 25th, 2008

Finally, I got my blog in English. It’s unbelievable how long time it has taken me to setup the baby. WordPress is piece of cake they say, but when you try to change this font and rearrange that sidebar, and then you see some fancy pic you feel like using for your header. And you end up stuck a whole weekend studying html and css and what not. Man, this weekend felt like back to engineering school. I am such a nerd.

And in the meantime: what has China been doing while I wasn’t watching? (!)

UPDATE: I copy here what I wrote in one of my comments about the design of this blog, in case someone is interested:

The illustration on the header is from a WP template called “Urban Grunge” by DesignyourWebpage (see updated footer). The rest is based on the  “This just in” Theme by WordPressHacker, with a few modifications painfully done by myself using a “HTML&CSS for dummies” website. I spent so many hours working it out that I thought I’d give myself some credit on the footer. A bit cheeky I know, but its my blog, anyway…

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