Taxi archives: Brainwashed Columbus

Written by Julen Madariaga on December 2nd, 2008

The other day it was too cold to get my Linder started, so I had to go and flag a cab instead. I got one of the green chubby ones.

Green cabs are well known for being stubborn, having a true passion for History and polishing their nails 5 times a day. Remember: never never sit in a green cab during the morning rush hour.

Conversation between me and the GReeN Taxi:

ULN - Hello. Please take me to Yueyanglu.
GRN - Yuyuanlu?
ULN - Of course.

<… flag pull and commercial …>

GRN - Your Chinese is Amazing! <..lah-didah..> hm, what’s your country?
ULN - I’m from Spain.
GRN - Barcelona-Real Madrid-Ronaldinho: Good football!
ULN - <?> And don’t forget bullfighting.
GRN - Ahahaha! Yes, yes, Spain has bulfighting!!!
ULN - You saw it before?
GRN - On television..
ULN - Hm.

<… swerve, honk at cyclist …>

GRN - What else does Spain do?
ULN - What?!?
GRN - In History. What is famous of Spanish history?
ULN - Ah. Er… Spain… discovered America?
GRN - Haha, You mean that Spain WAS discovered by America.
ULN - No, no. I mean Spain discovered America. Sort of…
GRN - Ha! Spain is a very little country.
ULN - It is if you compare it with China.
GRN - You know, you shouldn’t always believe what your government says
ULN - ?

<.. ! ..>

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  1. Dec

    Cool taxi !!

    [Reply to this comment]

  2. Dec

    Haha, every nationality has its own problems in the Chinese taxis :)
    How many times they didn’t even believed me when I was saying “I am not very fond of Napoléon” or “I like the Americans”…

    [Reply to this comment]

  3. Dec

    Yes taxis are cool, and they teach you Chinese.

    I just thought I would start a little series with the funny things that taxi guys tell me, it is a great way to check the opinion of laobaixing. Also, I find it very funny the way everyone in Shanghai classifies taxies by company and when you are new to the city they say things like: watch out, never get a dark red taxi, those are known for…

    [Reply to this comment]

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