Goodbye 2008

Written by Julen Madariaga on December 31st, 2008

As I am writing this entry, 2008 has finished in China. Fortunately, we still have a few hours in Home Country to fit in my last 08 post before the evening aperitif. I take the chance to get back in action after this week’s holidays and do my little roundup of 2008.

It has been a good year to blog China. The Chinese have continued to amaze the World with their constant source of news. Successes, catastrophes, change; we’ve had our fair share in 2008. And everything seems to indicate that 09 will be every bit as bloggable. So stay tuned, China is still changing us, and I hope to be there to witness it next year too.

And now down to the hard numbers. I won’t go over the main events of 08, as more diligent bloggers have already done it while I slept. Instead, I just include below the latest results of my own  Chinanews-meter:

In case you haven’t been following, this chart shows the number of articles containing “China” over the last 128 years (from LaVanguardia). As I predicted a month ago, 2008 has beaten 2007 by one length. Bets are open for 2009, and my money is on the rise of China news. In spite of the crisis and Obama’s tough competition in the West, I am going for the 5,000 mark.

Ah, Christmas is a great time to be back home, but I’m missing China already. And if I believe my cell phone, China must be missing me too: There’s dozens of sms in characters coming in this week, offering Christmas wishes, readily made poems and quick no-questions-asked credit at 3% a month. I even received one unexpected proposal that filled my heart with joy: “Marry Christmas”. Thanks all for remembering me.

To the readers that have come into my garden these last days and found it deserted I dedicate this picture I took yesterday of The Shire. This is what I have been doing when I was not answering comments on the blog:

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Comments so far ↓

  1. Jan
    xiao lu

    Nice garden! And Happy New Year!

    Surprisingly,your blog hasn’t been blocked since your introduction of Charter08. Maybe the censorship from government is not as strict as it was. Hopefully,it is a good sign of staggering to a more speech-freedom era.

    Wish your blog will impressed us with more spicy stories and brilliant analyses.

    Jia You! Jia You!

    [Reply to this comment]

  2. Jan


    [Reply to this comment]

  3. Jan

    Wow, thanks 小陆,Happy 牛 Year to you too. I will see you very soon in 上海!

    BTW, if you have a minute check out the post I just did about 牛 Year. It is one of those Learn Chinese ones, but I just realize that I have done it all on my own, without the professional support of 傅婷 or you! I probably got everything wrong like usual. Please let me know before too many people sees it :)

    [Reply to this comment]

  4. Jan

    @bt - Thanks, Happy 牛 Year to you too!

    [Reply to this comment]

  5. Jan

    wow what a nice place!
    How can you ever find time answering comments!

    And Happy 牛 year to you too!

    [Reply to this comment]

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