The Goose is Hot

Written by Julen Madariaga on May 22nd, 2009

The mysterious ways of computer science.

Today for example, I completely panicked when I stumbled into one of the bugs of wordpress. For some reason, when you add a “click to read more” tag next to a section in bold, it goes and turns the whole blog to bold, including sidebar, titles and header. So yes, I think I have gone bold for a few hours,  but it was not intended. I hope I didn’t hurt any feelings.

The Goose Huggers

But this bolding effect is nothing compared to the vicious attack that this blog is suffering from an international band of Goose Huggers. 





I have been wondering for a while what is going on with my Goose post. It is attracting more clicking action than anything else around here, and by now it has become already the most popular of my posts. 

An embarrassing situation altogether, because, much as I am proud of my gaggling skills, I always fancied this post does not reach the heights of my otherwise highbrow blog. What will new visitors think? 

These days I have been spending some time  in the control room, tinkering a bit with my layout, and I’ve taken the chance to look into this perplexing phenomenon. There is not a single link on the internet to this post, and I have found out it is the image of the Goose that attracts all the hits. Perverts, I should have known.

Unfortunately, these rascals leave no trace of their dirty deeds, as they are coming from Google image search, so the incoming stats don’t show which is the search string in this case. But I would appreciate it if someone can give me a hint to find out why this simple image of a naked mother goose is getting so much attention.

The Books

And finally, in case you are wondering what has changed after all this tinkering. I have added a new book review section with the covers of the books on the sidebar, and I have taken the chance to go commercial with amazon. But fear not, this is for a good cause, and I am not abandoning my revolutionary principles to walk the road of capitalism. Amazon does not give me any money for this, but instead it gives me points to get discounts on their books. Considering the monthly expenses for books in this house, I am afraid this was a necessary measure.

Apart from this, I have decided to shift the attention of the blog from economy into literature. Most of my posts up to now have dealt with Crisis Watching, contributing no little to the general confusion of the Chinese internet. I will continue writing about that once in a while, but I think I can offer a more valuable contribution dealing with books. And even if my book reviews may be nothing to write home about, I am happy to bring to the people some interesting pieces that are far from amazon’s best sellers lists and might otherwise go unnoticed.

I take pleasure in reviewing books. It gives you a strange feeling of power when you can judge in a few paragraphs the hard work that a writer has taken months to complete. When I write about a book it is because I like it, so whatever I say,  you can take it as a recommendation. I admire all the writers  I review, and I hope I can be fair with them.

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