The University of Love

Written by uln on June 30th, 2009


This is the imposing main entrance of my favourite university campus in Shanghai: HuaShiDa.  I like this entrance because it is very green and very complete, and it has everything from a roundabout sign to a saluting giant Mao, to a construction crane in the background. But what I like most is the inscription:


Huashida, also know by its complete name as East Normal Uni, has a great campus crossed by a little river and flanked on its Western side by a collection of great barbeque stalls and by the always romantic ChangFeng park. There is a popular phrase among the students of Shanghai that goes, if I remember well:  玩在复旦, 吃在同济, 住在交大,爱在华师大. This translates roughly as:  Play in Fudan,  Eat in Tongji, Live in Jiaotong and Love in Huashida, stating the strong points of each of the 4 big Unis in Shanghai. So, if you are in Shanghai, pick which is most suitable for you and go try your luck. All of them make for great summer walks if you enjoy University tourism.

Now the question remains: what was Uln doing in Huashida last weekend? Well, not exactly looking for love this time, but on a special mission. If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I am part of a group of suicide mandarin students that go in for the HSK examination at every possible occasion, even without any need for a diploma in Chinese. Just like that, for the sport of it. The latest edition of the HSK challenge took part last week and this time they assigned me to the centre of Huashida. I survived the HSK, and that is all I will say for the moment. When I get the results I will (perhaps) comment a bit more.

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  1. Jul

    Wait, you’re a member of the 汉语水平考试敢死队? The most fearsome group of language student ever assembled?!?

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