Firefox 3.5 Finally

Written by uln on July 2nd, 2009

imagesIt was about time Mozilla issued their new revision. Ever since Firefox emerged as the big challenger of Explorer many of us switched to this swift browser with the unlimited add-ons.

As time passed, we grew so used to all the fox capabilities that it became normal for an internet browser to perform the most various functions: Firefox was my Chinese dictionary, my anti-GFW proxy, my image editor, my wikipedia link, my financial consultant, my bookmark and my fluffy nail brush. It was Jesus, and it was perfect.

And then, suddenly,the fox got old. The add-ons started to weight on its worn out bones, and one day we found ourselves waiting 10 seconds for the browser to open. Never again. But what could we do, we were addicted to the add-ons, and way too proud to fall back on Explorer.

For months (years) on end there was no solution forthcoming, and no amount of reinstalling helped to solve the issues. Then the shrewd guys at Google jumped at the chance. They launched the new Chrome, a browser that actually does nothing at all except - guess what - browse at the speed of light. The first day I downloaded it “just to give it a try”, and after that test flight I never opened the Fox again. Instead, I got myself a dictionary.

So now the Fox is back. Its 3.5 iteration feels certainly much faster than the previous, and it supports, if not all, at least the most important of my add-ons. The influence of Chrome is very obvious, with new functions like the “private” surfing, one-click bookmarking and that little button on the right hand side of the tabs that comes so handy to open a new one.

As for the speed, I seriously doubt it can beat Chrome (look at the announcement, Mozilla compares it with Explorer, but avoids mentioning Google). But as long as it is reasonably fast and it continues to brush my nails, I think it deserves another chance. Let’s see how it goes.

I am back with the fox. I hope it rocks.

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  1. Jul

    Chrome is faster, but firefox is versatile. Firefox is my choice.

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  2. Jul

    I agree, that is my point, but really Firefox ended up getting on my nerves.

    Besides the problems with the add-ons there is also this old problem with the https addresses, that FF cannot resolve in some cases.

    Hope the new FF solves most of that.

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