US-China relations good: Change Sex

Written by Julen Madariaga on April 17th, 2010

Today I just wanted to share this picture, taken by one of the brave reporters in the Oriental toilet paper, who were first on the scene:


This is a brand new sculpture called “communication”, just arrived from the US to Shanghai to commemorate the 30 years of the opening of relations between the two countries. It is a great initiative, following the old tradition initiated in Troy and continued with the Statue of Liberty…

Except that, wait a second! Who are these guys? Do they represent Nixon and Mao? And why are they dressed up as two grannies getting ready for tea? Perverts!

OK, I see, this represents  the intimate relations built up in the last 30 years. The lady on the left is becoming a bit deaf, and her friend keeps repeating herself, saying the same things a thousand times, she is saying something about currency devaluation…

Whatever. What I find most amazing of all this is that in a city of 20 million I am the only one that finds this funny. The article on the Oriental is just a rehash of the press release, and they lost a great chance to poke some fun at the thing. And if there is one thing I do not forgive is missing a chance to have fun. Oriental, this was your last chance, you are fired!

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