In the Garden

I don’t think I could ever deal with the stressful rhythm of Shanghai without my old lane, my house and my garden. An oasis of common sense where the bamboos and mandarin trees grow in silence. The place where I can fall back to breathe some air and chat with real people when the noise of the metropolis is too loud to hear myself.

From the table in this garden I am writing now, as I wrote most of the content in this blog. Welcome to visit, take a seat and feel free to comment. Here’s the Archives.

My Shanghai

My Shanghai

And meet Linder, this beauty of a bike, key element of my Shanghai logistics. It is a modern ’07 Yongjiu, manufactured exactly in the same way and with the same materials as those millions of Yongjius that powered urban transport in the good old times of self-reliance.

Linder never disappoints you, except when it breaks. And it breaks so consistently and in ways so unknown that you are never disappointed. Linder has a special place in  my garden.

I will be writing once in a while about my garden, my street and my neighbours. Perhaps even about myself.

There comes times when I’m tired of always watching my Xinhua reader for the line that will change the world.  And then it feels good to just sit back, relax and look at the little China that evolves around me. In these occasions when I’m not on the front page, you can probably find me in my garden section here.