ROADMAP: The Mental Notes

This is the page where I put all the posts that I am planning to write, unless they are for some reason confidential. If there is any of the existing ideas that you would like to see move up the list, please let me know in comments.  If there is any new  suggestion that you want to add to the list, let me know as well so I can add it.

If there is an idea that you feel so strongly about that you would like to develop it yourself,  write me a note and I will let you publish it as a guest post as long as it is interesting for the discussion and it doesn’t go against any of my basic principles.

I don’t guarantee I will do these posts in the specified order or even that I will do them at all. But here is the Roadmap:

1- Review of my favourite Chinese film of all times (title undisclosed for surprise effect)
2- Page of short book reviews with all the China books I have read.
3- STFU post to the internet warmongers who are scared of the Red Army cyberarmy.
4- Story in Chinese designed to go viral on the Chinese BBSs (already half way written)
5- Fiction Story in Shanghai 2050 that I started last year and I am stuck.
6- The Gitmo page for braindead bigots and the 劳改 page for braindead revolutionaries.
7- Write about how many foreigners live in China ( I have no idea, help!)
8- Revamp the section on Chinese characteristics with my long list of  language related observations that is today handwritten on my bedroom table. (this will be various separate posts at different times)

    Any other suggestion?


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