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Normal Service Resumed

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

After a terrible weekend in front of the computer I have managed to re-open my site on a new URL. I am fed up of the internet right now and I am going out to enjoy the Shanghai Sun for a few hours.

I will try not to write more about this for a while, one never knows who is watching, and I don’t want to sound like I am rubbing it in. For those of you whose sites have the same kind of problems send me private message, I might have some useful tips.

Actually, the general idea is very simple. There is not such a thing as internet censorship, it is just a well-known bug on the internet that apparently trips on some keywords and then makes some URLs and some IP addresses inaccesible…

All very annoying, these internet bugs! ehzrg7f6xk

UPDATE: This afternoon/evening I still had an intermittent block, but I have finally figured it out. Some of the elements in my blog were still pointing to the old /eng/ directory, and for some reason my Regex search was unable to find them. Thanks to my friend and IT genius Giom I have found a firefox add-on to see the traffic from my site, and corrected all the references. Blog should be completely “debugged” now.

Han Han and the post-80s

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009


Chinese ultra-blogger Han Han is starting a magazine. He announced it previously on his blog, and his last post is already giving the details to send in article drafts and job applications. I learned this last night from my friend 2Ting, who was eagerly preparing her CV and intro letter. The literati of the post-80s are very excited, it appears.

Han’s magazine, which still doesn’t have a name to avoid imitations, is presented in this blog post. A very Chinese and a very Han Han announcement, interesting for several reasons. But before I speak of it let me give some background on Han Han. I’ve been planning to write about him for ages, and never found the time until today.

The man

Han Han is 2Ting’s idol. He is also the idol of thousands of others post-80s Chinese, and he has become - in spite of himself-  a symbol of this often caricatured generation. His bio is interesting: while attending middle school he won a first prize in a famous literary contest, then he dropped out of high school and started writing  popular novels and driving race cars. By now he has become one of the best selling authors in China, and, if I got my stats right, the most read personal blogger in the World. Click to continue »